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2019-05-17 14:03

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2017-0三-30  常远托福

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the stress and worry of our personal lives that our minds become too jumbled to operate effectively。 This is especially dangerous in a test taking situation。 After hours of reading and studying, our brains can lock up in a state of overload。

Unbeatable Ways to Create a Peaceful, Relaxed Workday



“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” – Lily Tomlin

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In a stressful situation it’s often necessary to clear your mind completely to allow your brain to refresh itself and recalibrate all of its functions。 But when you’retense, clearing your mind isn’t so easy! Try this relaxation technique if you think your brain has seized up from information overload。

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter.



Last week when I wrote about things to do at work when you’re bored out of your skull, a number of readers wrote about having the opposite problem: they’re too busy to be bored.

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1。 Set aside at least five minutes for quiet “clearing” time。 If you‘re at school, see if you can put your head down somewhere or find an empty room or quiet space。 If necessary, set a watch (or phone) alarm or ask a friend to tap you on the shoulder at a designated time。

Some of them seemed a bit overwhelmed by their workdays, and so I decided to share ways to create a more peaceful workday. One where you can allow yourself to be more relaxed and happier.


The first step is the realization that you are in control of your day. You can create the perfect workday, if you’re willing to start from scratch.


2。 Think of a time or place that puts you into a complete state of peace。 This place will be different for different people.Have you ever sat on the beach watching the waves come in and realized you’ve “zoned out” for awhile? This is the sort of experience you’re looking for。 Other experiences that make us zone out could be:

For some people, that may mean taking some tough steps, if their boss or their workplace is very controlling about how they do their work. For example, you might talk to your boss about restructuring your workday. It might also mean looking for a new job that’s more flexible, if you’re not happy with the way things are. Or it might just mean picking the tips below that work best for you and living with a certain amount of stress. Do what works for you!

  1. A place to do sports

  2. A place to rela


For me, a perfect workday incorporates many of the tips below, but never all of them at once. I use a combination of strategies to ensure that most of my days are fairly relaxed. Do I still get stressed? Undoubtedly. But it’s a far less frequent thing than in the past.

Sitting in the dark and staring at Christmas tree lights--remember how quiet and peaceful that feels?

Here’s how I do it.



必发365登入,Do less. Those of you who know me by now saw this one coming. It’s very difficult to have a relaxed workday if you have too much going on. Instead, learn to reduce what you do, but choose the most impactful tasks and projects — the ones that will mean the most over the long term. I choose three important things to achieve each day, as I’ve said before. Those are the three things I can do today that will have the most impact in my life.


Lying in bed late at night listening to good music。

Create a morning routine. And make it a relaxing one. That could include some of the things below, such as exercise, a hot bath, or quiet working time. For me, it means getting up earlier so I’m not so rushed, and then doing little rituals (like having a quiet cup of coffee and reading) that will ensure I start the day perfectly.

体育运动:A place to do sports


Prepare the night before. An evening routine is also essential to starting your day right. This might include things like choosing your three Most Important Tasks for the next day, so you know what you’re going to do when you wake up. It might mean getting your clothes ready. For me, it includes getting a jump start on prepping my kids’ lunches, so it’s just about done before my day even starts.

移动很关键:sports is important

Lying on your back on a cool day watching clouds roll by。

Start the day with a relaxing shower or bath. I like a hot shower, but if you have time, a good bath can be a perfect way to start off the day. It gets you in a relaxed mood, which is much better than starting the day stressed out.

保险身恭喜发财康:keep body fit & healthy


Get in some morning exercise. I don’t get to exercise every single morning, but I do it on a majority of mornings. A nice morning run is a wonderful thing for me. It relaxes me, and gives me a sense of well being and accomplishment.

上时间读书有毒健康:sit a place to study for a long time → harmful to physical health

3。 Cover your eyes and go to your “place。” If you are at school preparing for a test before class, you may simply rest your elbows on the desk and put your hands over your eyes。 For some people, it may not be a good idea to put your head down。 (You might fall asleep!)

Work when it’s quiet. I like to do work early in the morning, when everyone is sleeping. For others, that might be late at night instead. Whatever works best for you. When I was working in an office, I liked to get in before everyone else, so that I could get in some solid work before things got busy. I would also work during lunch while everyone else was out — I just liked the quiet. I would eat two smaller lunches before and after the normal lunch hour. Getting in early also allowed me to leave early, so that I could spend time with my kids or get in some evening exercise.

因而需求张开肆肢:stretch out arms and legs


Create a clutter-free environment. This is key for me, as you might also know by now. I like my desk clear of any clutter. Right now, the only thing on my desk is my iMac (I’m paperless now). But it’s OK to have a couple family pictures or an inbox, but too much stuff it just visual distraction. Clear your walls of everything but a nice picture or other art piece or two. Clutter-free surroundings create a peaceful working environment.

放松、充电:refresh mind & boost energy

Use all your senses to make your experience as real as possible。 If you are thinking of a Christmas tree, imagine the smell of the tree and the look of the layered shadows on the walls。

Turn off the distractions. That means phones, email notification, instant messaging, anything that will break into your focus and make you jump from one thing to another.

元气更集中:focus better afterward


Cut back on your commitments. Evaluate all the things you’ve got going on in your life, and see what isn’t essential. This means choosing 4-5 essential things in your life, and trying to eliminate the rest over time.


Don’t let any thoughts creep into your head。 As soon as you start to think about a test problem, clear away the thought and concentrate on your peaceful place。

Cut out meetings. If you have the ability to opt out of meetings, do so. They are generally a waste of time. Sure, it’s possible that a meeting is the most productive way to do something, but it’s rarely done. Usually the point of a meeting could be accomplished with email, or an IM. Cutting out meetings could free up a lot of time and make your workday more relaxed.

放松:A place to relax


Single-task. For me, focus is everything. Writing this article would take twice as long, and be much less peaceful, if I was constantly interrupted, if I was constantly switching between this and email and surfing the web and other tasks I have to do. I like to focus on one task at a time, if possible, and really lose myself in the writing.

三个释然、隔离喧嚣、人群的地点:a quiet place without noise from other people

4。 Snap out of it! Remember, this is not nap time。 The point here is to rejuvenate your brain。 After five or ten minutes of clearing time, take a brisk walk or take a drink of water to re-energize your mind and body。 Stay relaxed and resist the urge to think about the things that are stressing you out or clogging your brain。 Don’t let your brain go back to freeze-out。

Take breaks and stretch. While focusing on one task at a time is important, it’s also important to take breaks when you can. Get up, stretch, get a glass of water. Massage your shoulders, neck and head. It keeps you relaxed throughout the day.

在一天的行事后方可让内心宁静:calm down and enjoy a peace of mind after a day’s study


Go for a walk. I also like to take a break and go for a walk. It helps me get perspective, to think, to get a better overall picture on my workday and my life. Plus it gets the blood circulating.

放松有益于身财运亨通康:having time to relax  → very beneficial  → physical health

Now go forward with your test or study session refreshed and ready!

Eat lunch in quiet. I’m kind of a shy guy, and while many people do lunch meetings, I would rather eat at my desk with a good book or take my sack lunch to a park for a peaceful, meditative eating break.

能够自由压力,忘记课业:can release stress and get rid of study


Do mini-meditations. This doesn’t require a mat or a temple or soothing tapes or anything. Just sit where you are, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing — on your breath as it comes into your body, and then goes out. This helps me to center myself, no matter what is going on with work.

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Learn to focus on the present. Related to the mini-meditations and single-tasking. Basically, instead of worrying about what you have to do in the future, and instead of reliving things you did in the past, focus on what you’re doing right now. This can be difficult, as our minds have a tendency to wander to other things, but it’s simply a matter of practice – be aware of where your mind is, and when it drifts to other things, gently bring it back to the present. This helps keep your mind in a peaceful place all day long.


Roll with the punches. There will always be things that go wrong. What is important is how we react to them — do we go all Drama Queen, and get stressed and upset? Or do we accept what has happened, and make a calm decision about what to do now? When things get overwhelming, take a step back to get some perspective, and realize that in a few months, none of this will really matter much — and then take steps to eliminate the non-essential and focus on what’s really important.

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“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” – Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

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Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2008

TPO2 –Task 1

Previous post: Best of Zen Habits, January 2008

Choose a place you go to often that is important to you and explain why it is important. Please include specific details in your explanation.选择2个您时有时去且对您来讲根本的地方,并分解为何这么些地点主要?

Next post: A Simple Guide to Being Present for the Overworked and Overwhelmed

思路:去住处附近的园林,因为这里能够一.操练肉体 二.放宽

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Well,I often go to the park close to my apartment.

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First,it is an ideal place to work out. I love doing sports, because it keeps my body fit and healthy and makes me feel good and comfortable. Sitting in a place to study for a long period of time is very detrimental to my physical well being; therefore, I always go to the park to stretch out my arms and legs in order to refresh my mind and boost my energy. And I can focus better afterward.

Also,it is a quiet place without too much noise. So I can calm down and enjoy peace of mind for a while after a day’s work. Having time to relax for a bit is very important for me, because I can release my stress and get rid of the troubles and worries from my studies, which is good for our physical health.

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TPO 5 - Task1

Talk about a place you enjoyed going to or visiting when you were a child. Describe the place.介绍3个你时辰候喜欢去的地点。


Well,The place I enjoyed going to when I was a child was the park near my apartment.

First,it is an ideal place to do exercise. I’ve always loved to do sports since my childhood, because sports keep my body fit and healthy and make me feel good and comfortable. Sitting in a place to study for a long period of time is very detrimental to my physical health; therefore, I always go to the park to stretch out my arms and legs in order to refresh my mind and boost my energy. And I can focus better afterward.

Also,it is a quiet place without too much noise. So I can calm down and enjoy peace of mind for a while after a day’s work. Having time to relax for a bit is very important for me, because I can release my stress and get rid of the troubles and worries from my studies, which is good for our physical health.

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TPO 7 - Task1

If friends from another country were going to spend time in your country, what city or place would you suggest they visit? Using details and examples, explain why.假使海外朋友来您的国家,你会建议他们去哪个城市或去哪边地点?

思路:理由同上, 但可稍作微调,如能够提商谈爱侣们在公园,因为在这里能够踢球、打球或体育运动,还足以放宽。

Well,I would suggest my friends to go to the park near my home for the following reasons.

First,the park has a stadium, an ideal place to do sports like playing soccer or basketball. I would ask them to play basketball with me, because we all love this game.Not only doing sports can make us feel happy and relaxed, but also provide a chance to strengthen our friendship. We rarely get together after graduation, and I am sure this will be a good memory for all of us.

Also,it is a quiet place. So we can calm down and enjoy peace of mind. Having time to relax for a bit is very important for us, because we can release our stress and get rid of the troubles and worries from our works, which is good for our physical health

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TPO 13 - Task1

Talk about a game, sport or other group activity that is played in your country. Explain why you think the activity is enjoyable.介绍1项你国家的体育运动,解释为啥那项运动令人欣欣自得?


The sport that is popular in my country is table tennis. People love this game because of the following two reasons.

First,playing table tenniscan keep body fit and healthy and make people feel good and comfortable. Sitting in a place to study or work for a long period of time is very detrimental to my physical health; therefore,a lot of people in China play table tennis refresh their mind when they have break time.

Also,taking a break to play table tennis for a whileis very important for those who work or study, because they can refresh their mind and set themselves free from the troubles and worries of their works for a bit, which is good for their physical health.

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TPO 23 - Task2

Some people enjoy spending their free time alone in activities such as reading, thinking, or writing. Others enjoy spending their free time in shared activities with other people. Which do you prefer and why?有人欢娱读书、思量或撰文,而有人喜欢参预集体活动,你偏好哪个种类?

思路:本身爱好和对象们打篮球, 因为打篮球能够陶冶身体、还是可以够放松。 请参照他事他说加以调查上面答案。

Well, I would love to play basketball with my friends in the park near my home.

First, the park has a stadium, an ideal place to do group activities like soccer or basketball. My friends and I always enjoy spending our free time to play basketball, because not only shared activities can keep us fit and healthy, but also provide us a chance to strengthen our friendship and make new friends.

Also, playing basketball is a good way to have fun and relax. Having time to take a break for a bit is very important for us, because we can release our stress and get rid of the troubles and worries from our works, which is good for our physical health.

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TPO 24 -Task1

Talk about a popular gathering place in your town where people like to go. Describe the place and explain why people enjoy going there.介绍三个你所在城市大家最欣赏集中的地点。

思路:“go to park” 应该未可厚非吧,在那里大家得以做体育运动,放松。

Well, a popular gathering place in my town has always been parks.

First,many parks in my town have the area where people can do sports activities.They enjoy doing sports because they want to keep their body fit and healthy. Students or people working in companies always need to stretch out their arms and legs in order to refresh their mind from a stressful day of work. And the park an ideal place to visit.

Also,the park is very quiet with a lot of green area and fresh air.So people can calm down and enjoy peace of mind for a while after a day’s work. Having time to relax for a bit is very important for all of us, because we can release our stress and get rid of the troubles and worries from our studies or works, which is good for our physical health.

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TPO 29 - Task2

Some people like to study in public places where there are other people around. Others prefer to study in places where there are few or no people around. Which kind of place do you prefer? Explain why.有人欣赏快乐的地方,而有个外人爱不忍释人少的地点,你兴奋哪里?

思路:a quiet place 既能够学学、也得以放松。 请参照他事他说加以调查上面包车型客车答案。

I would prefer to study a place where there are few people around.

First, the park near my home is an ideal place to study, because it has a lot of green area and fresh air. I will be able to calm down and focus better on my studies with a deep breath of the cold and fresh odor in the park.Without too much disturbance and noise, my work efficiency is improved, and I can get a lot of works done in the place.

Also, after a long time study, I would get tired and need to take a break for a bit. And a quiet place without too many people around can allow me to enjoy peace of mind and set me free from the troubles and worries of my works.Being able to find a quiet place to rest is beneficial to my physical health.

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Place: Doing Exercise/ Relaxing


Task 2Noisy and quiet areas which one would you choose to be home: close to restaurant, transportation shopping center or quiet, far from everything.


Task 2Some people prefer to listen to music while they are studying or working. Others prefer to stay


Task 1Your university just go an investment. What do you think your university should use the money to do? To improve the library, gym or lab?


Task  2Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Watching sports programs on television is not a good use of time.


Task  1College students should be allowed to keep pets in their dormitories.


Task 1What suggestion would you like to give to a foreign friend who wants to study in your country? Explain how this suggestion could help your friend.


Task 2Some people prefer to attend sports. Other people prefer to watch others play sports. Which do you prefer and why?


Task 1Many people have pets, like dogs and cats. Do you think that raising pets is good, why? Please include reasons and details to support your response.


Task 1Describe an activity you tried and enjoyed recently. Explain why it was enjoyable to you.


Task 1Which areas of your city do you like the best? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Task 1Describe an activity you enjoy doing in your school recently. Why? Include specific reasons and details to support your response.

2009年2月22日 / 2007年10月5日

Task 2When going to vacation, do you prefer to have outdoor activity or indoor activity?

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